Damage computation procedure at building level

For a given combination of water depth and flood duration, the damage to a building model is the sum of the damage suffered by its constituent elementary components. Thus, it is given by the following equation:

\[ d_b(h, d) = \sum\limits_{e \in E} d_{e}(h - h_{e}, d) * q_{e} \]


  • \(b\): refers to the building;
  • \(h\): refers to the water depth relative to the ground;
  • \(d\): refers to the duration of submersion relative to \(b\). \(d\) has to be strictly positive for a submersion to occur;
  • \(E\): refers to the set of all elementary components \(e\) that make up \(b\);
  • \(d_{e}\): refers to the damage to \(e\). It is defined in equation [eq: elementary];
  • \(h_{e}\): refers to the elevation of \(e\) relative to the ground;
  • \(q_{e}\): refers to the quantity of \(e\).