This table contains information at the level of the elementary components. Each row corresponds to an action associated to an elementary component. For each action, the following characteristics are given:

  • component.elementary: identification (name) of the elementary component;
  • action: identification (name) of the action;
  • v.min: min cost of the action;
  • v.max: max cost of the action;
  • v.unit: unit used for the expression of v.min and v.max;
  • support used for the calculation of v.min and v.max (€/unit, €/m\(^{2}\), €/m, ...). It can be one of the following modalities: unit, length, surface;
  • value: boolean. If true, the value of replacement of the elementary component is the mean between the values given in the fields v.min and v.max in the component.elementary table.